The Read-in Series are composed of different consecutive events that continue our research into 'reading' by experimenting with different formats. The different parts of the series take place at specifically chosen places and times in order to conjure a certain history, working mode or address a certain body politics related to the readings we have chosen.

Read-in at Kunstvlaai

2012 / 30 Nov / ‘Read-in Classic’ at ‘Kunstvlaai‘, Amsterdam.

Read-in at The Showroom

2012 / 3rd October / Read-in at The Showroom, London. Workshop and printed matter (manual).

Read-in Florence

2012 / 15 – 18 September / Upon the invitation to travel to Florence for ‘Oh Seminar!’ at Villa Romana, the Read-in collective started brewing questions around what it means for their practice to go “on tour”.

Contribution to ‘Temptations of the Textual’

2012 / 27 & 28 March / Read-in participated with a presentation at the panel ‘Temptations of the Textual’ of the ‘Opening Narratives’ in ASCA’s Workshop: Extremely Close & Incredibly Slow, ASCA Amsterdam.

Read-in @kitchen139

2011 / 11 December / Read-in participated as guest commentators for Casco and W139’s ‘Cooperative kitchen experiment – Kitchen139’. The cooking teams this evening are Domestic Workers Netherlands and Platform Re-set.

Read-in Manual: An Outline of the Read-in practice

2011 / September / An artist project for C Magazine. Our contribution was called, ‘Read-in Manual: An outline of the Read-in practice’.

Genealogy of Read-in, representations in film and bookshelf-research

2011 / 25 March / Presentation for ‘Chicago Boys While we were singing they were dreaming’ on the genealogy of Read-in, representations of reading-groups in film and personal bookshelf-research. If I can’t Dance, Amsterdam.