2013 / “Reading Gaps” consisted out of Read-in series, 18th-21st August, NKV Wiesbaden



• Read-in(g) fragments of the films ‘Celine and Julie go Boating’ directed by Jacques Rivettes, and ‘Farenheit 451’  directed by François Truffaut(18.8.2013: Screening)

• Read-in classic (19.8.2013)
• Read-in(g) while walking (20.8.2013)
• Read-in(g) and Singing at the Fluxus Bar (21.8.2013).
As part of her Follow Fluxus award, Annette Krauss invited Read-in to develop a series of activities brought together under the idea of ‘Randzonenlesung'(Reading Gaps) at the Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden.