NUMPANG as politics of sharing space

2016 / 26 April / Read-in contribution to Radio Kunci at ifa gallery Berlin /

How can numpang create a situation for study? What kind of values are being exchanged in this interaction? How to contextualize the history of numpang in contemporary artistic context? How to unlearn numpang?


Nuraini Juliastuti (KUNCI) in conversation with Read-in members, Annette Krauss and Hyunju Chung, about their activity, Read-in Classic which consists in going door-to-door and requesting neighbours to host a group reading session spontaneously. According to Read-in, the Read-in Classics are:


… experiments through which we challenge our conventions around reading. Searching for a spontaneous host for an instant reading session challenges notions of hospitality, our relationship to public and private realms. It uses the uncomfortableness of the whole situation in order to investigate how reading practices perform a certain non-physicality. Read-in’s interventions experiment with the political, material, and physical implications of collective reading and the situatedness of any kind of reading activity.


The conversation will be moderated by Syafiatudina


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