Reading Film

2012 / 24 January / With Eric de Bruyn: a seminar on “reading films”— Marguerite Duras, Jean-Luc Godard, David Lamelas, and Lawrence Weiner. In the context of Casco’s project exhibition, The Grand Domestic Revolution—User’s Manual.



IMG_5161La chinoise


During the third event in Read-in’s GDR series, Read-in invited Eric de Bruyn to elaborate on the paradoxical genre of “reading film”: films that are not only to be viewed but literally read by the performers and/or spectators. He presented clips from, among others, Godard’s ‘La Chinoise’ (1967), Weiner’s ‘A Second Quarter’ (1975), Lamelas’ ‘Reading of an Extract from “Knots” by Laing’ (1970), Frampton’s ‘Poetic Justice’ (1972) and Duras’ ‘La Camion’ (1977). Read-in explored with Eric de Bruyn how these films attempt to open a space for “reading together,” both within and without the movie frame. Eric de Bruyn teaches in the Film and Photographic Studies Program at the University of Leiden.


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