2011 / 22 November / With Annie Fletcher: a Teach-in into the legacy of feminist reading groups. Departing from Casco at 18.30 to search for a host …

A unique edition of our practice where instead of Read-in we facilitated a Teach-in, in conversation with invited guest Annie Fletcher on feminist reading groups. Instead of doing this conversation in an institutional framework, we will search for a host to spontaneously house the event. This is the first of our events where we continued our research into “reading” by experimenting with different formats, like the Teach-in. We started with screening clips and a talk with Annie Fletcher. Then departed from Casco (Nieuwekade 213–215, Utrecht) at 18.30 to find a host for 18 Read-iners, which we found within the first threshold encounter. We were invited to stay for one and half hours and had outspoken discussions about feminist agency today.


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