NOW / 2018 / 6 September – 18 November / 『CATALOGUE』 / Display Distribute (Hong Kong), KUNCI (Yogyakarta) and Read-in (Marianna Takou and Ying Que) at Eu Zen / Exhibition and Residency in Mediacity Seoul

Haunted Bookshelves_In Circulation

2017 / 7 September – 15 October/ Haunted Bookshelves_In Circulation / Read-in at Hauntopia/What if? / Exhibition and Conference at Research Pavillon Venice / PhD-in-practice Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

Unlearning My Library Forum

2017 / Saturday 24 June / Forum / Utrecht University Uithof   The Unlearning my Library Forum took place near the Utrecht University Library Uithof to engage with alternative approaches to archiving, libraries, cataloguing systems and knowledge production. The forum was looking to create a platform that brings people together to discuss and exchange on […]

Feminist Search Tool

2017 / Digital interface that invites users to explore different ways of engaging with the records of the Utrecht University Library/

Haunted Bookshelves

2017-on going/ Collective memorizing sessions / Built upon Read-in’s ongoing Bookshelf Research that investigates the physicality of reading through the spatial and behavioral parameters of libraries: public, institutional, private and personal.

Unlearning my Library. Bookshelf Research #2

  2017 / 1-25 June/ Why are the authors of the books I read so white, so male, so Eurocentric? / Read-in at Zero Footprint Campus, Utrecht.  

NUMPANG as politics of sharing space

2016 / 26 April / Read-in contribution to Radio Kunci at ifa gallery Berlin / How can numpang create a situation for study? What kind of values are being exchanged in this interaction? How to contextualize the history of numpang in contemporary artistic context? How to unlearn numpang?   Nuraini Juliastuti (KUNCI) in conversation with Read-in […]

Manifesto for Maintenance, Again!

2015 / Performative readings and searching traces for Mierle Laderman Ukeles’ Proposal for Care / Exnergasse Vienna


The ReadPlay performs an intervention in Ray Bradbury’s novel ‘Fahrenheit 451’, intersecting it with Sojourner Truth’s speech ‘Ain’t I a woman’.