Read-in Classic

Read-in Classic consists in going door-to-door and requesting neighbours to host a group reading session spontaneously.

Es gibt keine unschuldige Lektüre

2014 / Ein Lesestück, in: Chronic Times, Springerin 1/2014, pp. 42-45


2013 / “Reading Gaps” consisted out of Read-in series, 18th-21st August, NKV Wiesbaden

Gathering of Occupy Reading Groups

  2012 / 15 February / A gathering with four different active reading-groups in Netherlands: Occupy Amsterdam, Occupy Utrecht, Kritische Studenten Utrecht, Read-in


2011 / 22 November / With Annie Fletcher: a Teach-in into the legacy of feminist reading groups. Departing from Casco at 18.30 to search for a host …

Reading Film

2012 / 24 January / With Eric de Bruyn: a seminar on “reading films”— Marguerite Duras, Jean-Luc Godard, David Lamelas, and Lawrence Weiner. In the context of Casco’s project exhibition, The Grand Domestic Revolution—User’s Manual.

Contribution to Re-Projecting London

2013 / “Read-in Classic”, as part of Ricardo Basbaum’s project “Re-Projecting”, at The Showroom, London

Read-in Walks

2013 / 2 May / In the context of MilesKm, Read-in will participate with a ‘Read-in while walking’ session.

Read-in Londonderry

2013 / 19th & 20th March / “Read-in Classic”, as part of the exhibition ‘The Grand Domestic Revolution – GOES ON’ (March) at CCA Derry – Londonderry.

Read-in at Kunstvlaai

2012 / 30 Nov / ‘Read-in Classic’ at ‘Kunstvlaai‘, Amsterdam.