Read-in Walks

2013 / 2 May / In the context of MilesKm, Read-in will participate with a ‘Read-in while walking’ session.

Read-in Londonderry

2013 / 19th & 20th March / “Read-in Classic”, as part of the exhibition ‘The Grand Domestic Revolution – GOES ON’ (March) at CCA Derry – Londonderry.

Read-in at Kunstvlaai

2012 / 30 Nov / ‘Read-in Classic’ at ‘Kunstvlaai‘, Amsterdam.

Read-in at The Showroom

2012 / 3rd October / Read-in at The Showroom, London. Workshop and printed matter (manual).

Read-in Florence

2012 / 15 – 18 September / Upon the invitation to travel to Florence for ‘Oh Seminar!’ at Villa Romana, the Read-in collective started brewing questions around what it means for their practice to go “on tour”.

Something to take with you

2012 / 22 May / “Something to take with you”, memorizing workshop, as part of ”Why Stay If You Can Go?’, a reading group by The Black Swan, De Appel and the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.  

Contribution to ‘Temptations of the Textual’

2012 / 27 & 28 March / Read-in participated with a presentation at the panel ‘Temptations of the Textual’ of the ‘Opening Narratives’ in ASCA’s Workshop: Extremely Close & Incredibly Slow, ASCA Amsterdam.

Read-in @kitchen139

2011 / 11 December / Read-in participated as guest commentators for Casco and W139’s ‘Cooperative kitchen experiment – Kitchen139’. The cooking teams this evening are Domestic Workers Netherlands and Platform Re-set.

Read-in Manual: An Outline of the Read-in practice

2011 / September / An artist project for C Magazine. Our contribution was called, ‘Read-in Manual: An outline of the Read-in practice’.

Contribution to ‘P’ for Performance

2011 / 9 June / “Read-in classic and BookshelfResearch” / Contribution to ‘P for Performance’ by Maja Bekan, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven.