The Read-in Series are composed of different consecutive events that continue our research into 'reading' by experimenting with different formats. The different parts of the series take place at specifically chosen places and times in order to conjure a certain history, working mode or address a certain body politics related to the readings we have chosen.

Haunted Bookshelves

2017-on going/ Collective memorizing sessions / Built upon Read-in’s ongoing Bookshelf Research that investigates the physicality of reading through the spatial and behavioral parameters of libraries: public, institutional, private and personal.

Manifesto for Maintenance, Again!

  2015 / Performative readings and searching traces for Mierle Laderman Ukeles’ Proposal for Care / Exnergasse Vienna

NOW / 2017 / 7 September – 15 October/ Haunted Bookshelves_In Circulation / Read-in at Hauntopia/What if? / Exhibition and Conference at Research Pavillon Venice / PhD-in-practice Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Read-in Classic

Read-in Classic consists in going door-to-door and requesting neighbours to host a group reading session spontaneously.


2013 / “Reading Gaps” consisted out of Read-in series, 18th-21st August, NKV Wiesbaden

Gathering of Occupy Reading Groups

  2012 / 15 February / A gathering with four different active reading-groups in Netherlands: Occupy Amsterdam, Occupy Utrecht, Kritische Studenten Utrecht, Read-in


2011 / 22 November / With Annie Fletcher: a Teach-in into the legacy of feminist reading groups. Departing from Casco at 18.30 to search for a host …

Reading Film

2012 / 24 January / With Eric de Bruyn: a seminar on “reading films”— Marguerite Duras, Jean-Luc Godard, David Lamelas, and Lawrence Weiner. In the context of Casco’s project exhibition, The Grand Domestic Revolution—User’s Manual.

Contribution to Re-Projecting London

2013 / “Read-in Classic”, as part of Ricardo Basbaum’s project “Re-Projecting”, at The Showroom, London